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"Psychoanalysis is not like any other form of therapeutics".
Jacques Lacan
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Short articles
The bond at present. Trauma, history and subjectivity.
By Dudy Bleger
I wish to thank the authorities of the Argentinian Association for Mental Health (Asociación Argentina de Salud Mental) for inviting me to take part in this Congress, which I gladly agreed to do. The title that occupies us involves concepts that are very hard to deal with in a limited amount of time, so I had to think about how to approach it as an analyst, from the ethics I adhere to. We will not be so naive as to think that when one speaks, the subject of the enunciation is not present right there.
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Clinical vignettes
Taking the time.
By Lic. Norma Píngaro
Sabrina's parents were referred to me by their daughter's pediatrician, who sensed that he would not be able to solve the little girl's problems through medical treatment only. As a matter of fact, Sabrina had initially gained weight, but later on -as if in defiance- she requested to eat precisely that which was forbidden in her diet.
The hole in the pot.
By Graciela Musachi
The author captures the issue of the contemporary transformation of Freud´s question "What does the woman want?" into "Why are there so many women in psychoanalysis?" and offers an answer based on the Argentine context.
At the same time, she leans on Lacan´s understanding of mysticism to give a more radical reply to this question, pinpointing that which the psychoanalytic discourse sets in motion, particularly with regard to women.
Clinical vignettes
Uses of oblivion.
By Graciela Ortiz Zavalla
I will describe three moments in the psychoanalytic treatment of a young woman, whom I will call Sandra, in order to point out the establishment, the development and the limits of transference. It was Sandra's parents who came to the appointment with me, worried about their daughter.
Theodicy, common sense and the success of psychoanalysis in Argentina
By Sergio Eduardo Visacovsky
A lot has been said and written about the predominance of psychoanalysis in Argentina, compared to other Latin American and European countries. Master of a large field which comprises an heterogeneous group of practices involved in the treatment of mental ailments, psychoanalysis continues to prevail due to the large number of followers it has among psychoanalysts and patients, the number and importance of psychoanalytic institutions, and the extent to which it has become widespread in the general population, especially in Buenos Aires, the city where it has had the greatest development in Argentina.
Testimony on the passe
Happiness without hope
By Luis Darío Salamone
I wish to thank the Brazilian School of Psychoanalysis for inviting me to give a testimony at this Conference. [2] I am going to explain the happiness I managed to achieve by the end of an analysis. Several years ago I wrote about this subject for a conference entitled "The satisfactions of the symptom", hosted by the Lacanian Orientation School [3], during which Oscar Zack and I participated in a plenary session on happiness. Perhaps I should begin by discussing unhappiness. Rereading "Civilization and its discontents" [4], I remembered that title originally chosen by Freud was "Unhappiness in culture".
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