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"Psychoanalysis is not like any other form of therapeutics".
Jacques Lacan
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Short articles
Borges, Wilde, style: why ´anxiety´ is not ´Angst´
By Héctor Mauas, Marco Mauas
In "Note dictated at a hotel at the Quartier Latin" (1984), an essay written towards the end of his life, Borges traces a very tiny line of words on the surface of Wilde's texts. This line has some properties: it is external and foreign to the plane on which it is traced, yet at the same time it is intimately distant. We believe that this Borgesian line is a force of attraction: it creates a difference in potential between texts and produces an "intertext", which is nothing but a niche for the non-words that persist in a future, unfinished dimension -this is called style.
Superego resistance: negative therapeutic reaction.
By Dra. Marta Gerez Ambertín

The current debate on the negative therapeutic reaction (N.T.R.) as a form of superego resistance is here discussed, in order to explain the clinical specificity of the N.T.R. within the analytic device. The difference between N.T.R., negative transference and character types is established. From the Guilt Clover, the mute form of guilt is highlighted as a need for punishment (essential bastion of the superego resistance). The importance of the mourning for the a object as possible break from the fence of the N.T.R. in the analytic cure is emphasized.[1]

Short articles
Monsieur Fenouillard's axiom.
By Diana Etinger
By the staff of Referencias en la obra de Lacan: Diana Etinger de Alvarez, Verónica Carbone, Agueda Hernández, Clara Lichtensztain and Diana V. de Indart
Open access article
Short articles
Words and silences of love.
By Lic. Sergio Marcelo Zabalza
One of Pablo Neruda's most famous poems begins with the line: "I like for you to be still: it is as though you were absent". According to many people, this is one of the most accomplished verses in world literature. Perhaps because its tone glides with the tempo of something gratuitous, whose efficient witticism reveals more through what it suggests than through what it actually states.
Clinical vignettes
The Betrayal of Cats
By Jorge Silva Rodighiero
One of the symptoms that make people go to a psychologist is phobia. We could define it as the intense fear triggered by the presence of an object or situation which provokes anxiety and complicates the daily lives of people.
Open access article
Theodicy, common sense and the success of psychoanalysis in Argentina
By Sergio Eduardo Visacovsky
A lot has been said and written about the predominance of psychoanalysis in Argentina, compared to other Latin American and European countries. Master of a large field which comprises an heterogeneous group of practices involved in the treatment of mental ailments, psychoanalysis continues to prevail due to the large number of followers it has among psychoanalysts and patients, the number and importance of psychoanalytic institutions, and the extent to which it has become widespread in the general population, especially in Buenos Aires, the city where it has had the greatest development in Argentina.
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