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"Psychoanalysis is not like any other form of therapeutics".
Jacques Lacan
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Clinical vignettes
How S. discovered the holographic world.
By Dra. Inés Sotelo
The experience of psychoanalysis, the device of psychoanalysis and any events that take place within that framework are considered analytical acts, since they bring about the transformation, the subversion of the subject, insofar as that which is transformed within such device cannot revert to its former status.
An objector to the phallus.
By Diana Etinger
The phallus governs the relations between the sexes, it is a common reference for the two genders. However each gender's relation to the phallus is not symmetrical, which of course has consequences.
Short articles
Borges, Wilde, style: why ´anxiety´ is not ´Angst´
By Héctor Mauas, Marco Mauas
In "Note dictated at a hotel at the Quartier Latin" (1984), an essay written towards the end of his life, Borges traces a very tiny line of words on the surface of Wilde's texts. This line has some properties: it is external and foreign to the plane on which it is traced, yet at the same time it is intimately distant. We believe that this Borgesian line is a force of attraction: it creates a difference in potential between texts and produces an "intertext", which is nothing but a niche for the non-words that persist in a future, unfinished dimension -this is called style.
Short articles
The a object is the first Bedeutung.
By Dra. Elena Bisso

During the opening lecture of his seminar The logic of fantasy [1], Jacques Lacan said that the a object was the first Bedeutung, the first reality.

Short articles
The bond at present. Trauma, history and subjectivity.
By Dudy Bleger
I wish to thank the authorities of the Argentinian Association for Mental Health (Asociación Argentina de Salud Mental) for inviting me to take part in this Congress, which I gladly agreed to do. The title that occupies us involves concepts that are very hard to deal with in a limited amount of time, so I had to think about how to approach it as an analyst, from the ethics I adhere to. We will not be so naive as to think that when one speaks, the subject of the enunciation is not present right there.
Open access article
Psychoanalytic figures in transference.
By Germán L. García
This article was originally published in Descartes. El análisis en la cultura, Nº 11/12, Anáfora, Buenos Aires, July 1993, pp. 37-40. During the course of analysis, not only do links to people from the analysand's history appear, but also psychoanalytic figures (Gestalten) are formed, ordered in contingent series.
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