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"Psychoanalysis is not like any other form of therapeutics".
Jacques Lacan
Shoes by Ana von Rebeur - About Shoes
An objector to the phallus.
By Diana Etinger
The phallus governs the relations between the sexes, it is a common reference for the two genders. However each gender's relation to the phallus is not symmetrical, which of course has consequences.
Short articles
About El secreto de sus ojos.
By Lic. Lidia Deutsch
"El secreto de sus ojos" is a magnificent movie, whose title introduces the audience right from the outset into the resolution of an enigma. In this case, it is the mystery of a crime read in the eyes of the murderer. The desire concealed in his eyes reveals the magnitude of the force he is prepared to display.
Short articles
Monsieur Fenouillard's axiom.
By Diana Etinger
By the staff of Referencias en la obra de Lacan: Diana Etinger de Alvarez, Verónica Carbone, Agueda Hernández, Clara Lichtensztain and Diana V. de Indart
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Clinical vignettes
Uses of oblivion.
By Graciela Ortiz Zavalla
I will describe three moments in the psychoanalytic treatment of a young woman, whom I will call Sandra, in order to point out the establishment, the development and the limits of transference. It was Sandra's parents who came to the appointment with me, worried about their daughter.
On constructions in psychoanalysis.
By Diana Chorne
Narrative and construction are part of the psychoanalytic treatment in the context of the current human suffering, traumas and discomforts. In this setting, the dimension of the signifier and sense has shown its therapeutic nature, shaping feelings of vitality, reality and social bond.
A reading that accounts for a reverse -that which results from myth and fiction upon cutting and separation- is still called for. Here, detritus and marginalities exist in a logical framework in which surprise is generated from abduction.
Short articles
You are what you seek: On Jorge Luis Borges´s The Unending Rose.
By Héctor Mauas, Marco Mauas
The mystic poet Farid al-Din Attar was born in Northeastern Iran in 1142. He was beheaded by the invading Mongolian army in 1221.
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