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"Psychoanalysis is not like any other form of therapeutics".
Jacques Lacan
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Short articles
The logics of exclusion: a response from the real.
By Carlos Gustavo Motta
People who suffer from AIDS are sometimes denied basic rights such as food or housing, and they are even fired from jobs they are perfectly able to perform. Moreover, they are sometimes rejected by their community or -in the most tragic instances- by their own family. The social and economic tensions associated to the HIV/AIDS complex constitute a major political and cultural problem.
Psychoanalysis in Argentina, from Klein to Lacan
By Alejandro Dagfal
When one refers to the history of psychoanalysis in Argentina, a basic issue immediately leaps to the eye: the use of the singular is especially problematic, both as far as the history of psychoanalysis and psychoanalysis itself are concerned. Mariano Plotkin has just shown why it is more appropriate to talk about various possible histories, rather than about a single history.
Some observations on case presentations.
By Marta Serra Frediani
Ever since the Seminar of the Freudian Field was created in Barcelona in 1985, its meetings have consisted of two different sections: a seminar on texts conducted by a lecturer, and a seminar on clinical cases, delivered jointly by the lecturer and two psychoanalysts who "present" a clinical case from their own practice.
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Clinical vignettes
Taking the time.
By Lic. Norma Píngaro
Sabrina's parents were referred to me by their daughter's pediatrician, who sensed that he would not be able to solve the little girl's problems through medical treatment only. As a matter of fact, Sabrina had initially gained weight, but later on -as if in defiance- she requested to eat precisely that which was forbidden in her diet.
Short articles
Monsieur Fenouillard's axiom.
By Diana Etinger
By the staff of Referencias en la obra de Lacan: Diana Etinger de Alvarez, Verónica Carbone, Agueda Hernández, Clara Lichtensztain and Diana V. de Indart
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Some observations on the evolution of the concept of trauma
By Elena Levy Yeyati
This work reviews specialized literature on some theories and prejudices, both historical and current, about trauma. These may appear to be linked to Freud's early theory on trauma. We claim, however, that such relationship is paradoxical and even nonexistent in some cases. The psychoanalytic view disagrees with some of today's theorists on trauma. In order to explain these differences, at least two factors -one conceptual and the other one political in nature- need to be taken into consideration. These differences go beyond the academic area, as they also have an effect on institutional practices.
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