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"Psychoanalysis is not like any other form of therapeutics".
Jacques Lacan
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Clinical vignettes
"The woman, logically, is always more long-suffering".
By Lic. Beatriz Bacco
The purpose of this work is to describe a patient's first interview at a private mental health center. The interview -during which the patient was invited to speak freely- was conducted by the patient's analyst. As the analyst-in-training who witnessed the interview, I will try to account for what I heard from a Freudian-Lacanian psychoanalytic point of view.
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The necessity of the accident: Lacan and the question of trauma.
By Adela Stoppel de Gueller
Trauma appears in the early years of psychoanalysis in order to remove neuroses from the field of degenerative diseases of the nervous system. Instead, Freudsupports the notion of accidental causality, thus enabling particular historical contingencies to acquire the statute of determining causal factors. Lacan takes this subject up again to distinguish the real from reality and to question the concept of cause. The advent of the Freudian unconscious appears as an open wound between the cause and that which is affected by the cause. Neurosis is the scar that tries to heal this wound. After Lacan, trauma is no longer an accident, but that around which the subject is constituted.
Short articles
About El secreto de sus ojos.
By Lic. Lidia Deutsch
"El secreto de sus ojos" is a magnificent movie, whose title introduces the audience right from the outset into the resolution of an enigma. In this case, it is the mystery of a crime read in the eyes of the murderer. The desire concealed in his eyes reveals the magnitude of the force he is prepared to display.
Short articles
The logics of exclusion: a response from the real.
By Carlos Gustavo Motta
People who suffer from AIDS are sometimes denied basic rights such as food or housing, and they are even fired from jobs they are perfectly able to perform. Moreover, they are sometimes rejected by their community or -in the most tragic instances- by their own family. The social and economic tensions associated to the HIV/AIDS complex constitute a major political and cultural problem.
Clinical vignettes
Desire to kill.
By Claudia Piñeiro
A couple of weeks ago Cacho was shot. His cell phone was stolen and a gun was aimed at his head and fired, but he was not killed. Cacho has a school stationary shop some twenty blocks away from where I live. He was lucky, as the bullet only grazed his parietal bone. He was admitted into the city hospital for a few days and then returned home.
Short articles
The a object is the first Bedeutung.
By Lic. Elena Bisso

During the opening lecture of his seminar The logic of fantasy [1], Jacques Lacan said that the a object was the first Bedeutung, the first reality.

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