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"Psychoanalysis is not like any other form of therapeutics".
Jacques Lacan
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Short articles
Contemporary epidemics
By Graciela Brodsky
Hysteria, with the "psychical contagion" and the imitation that characterize it, enabled Freud to access the enigma of unconscious desire and to conceptualize the mechanism of identification. The boarding school for girls was the model he chose to explain this. Nowadays, however, young ladies neither receive long letters nor are they prone to fainting, and "contagion" does not require physical proximity. The subjects who are "all by themselves" in the time of the "Other who does not exist" do not have the ideals that enable identification to take place. A different conceptualization hence becomes necessary in order to account for the "contemporary epidemics".
Open access article
Psychoanalytic figures in transference.
By Germán L. García
This article was originally published in Descartes. El análisis en la cultura, Nº 11/12, Anáfora, Buenos Aires, July 1993, pp. 37-40. During the course of analysis, not only do links to people from the analysand's history appear, but also psychoanalytic figures (Gestalten) are formed, ordered in contingent series.
Short articles
About El secreto de sus ojos.
By Lic. Lidia Deutsch
"El secreto de sus ojos" is a magnificent movie, whose title introduces the audience right from the outset into the resolution of an enigma. In this case, it is the mystery of a crime read in the eyes of the murderer. The desire concealed in his eyes reveals the magnitude of the force he is prepared to display.
Short articles
Words and silences of love.
By Lic. Sergio Marcelo Zabalza
One of Pablo Neruda's most famous poems begins with the line: "I like for you to be still: it is as though you were absent". According to many people, this is one of the most accomplished verses in world literature. Perhaps because its tone glides with the tempo of something gratuitous, whose efficient witticism reveals more through what it suggests than through what it actually states.
Short articles
The a object is the first Bedeutung.
By Lic. Elena Bisso

During the opening lecture of his seminar The logic of fantasy [1], Jacques Lacan said that the a object was the first Bedeutung, the first reality.

Clinical vignettes
Desire to kill.
By Claudia Piñeiro
A couple of weeks ago Cacho was shot. His cell phone was stolen and a gun was aimed at his head and fired, but he was not killed. Cacho has a school stationary shop some twenty blocks away from where I live. He was lucky, as the bullet only grazed his parietal bone. He was admitted into the city hospital for a few days and then returned home.
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